The prettiest running skirts in all the land!

Welcome to Dottie for Running!
Our founder Samantha was inspired to begin running when her grandmother was fighting cancer. Always an independent woman, Samantha's grandmother, nicknamed Dot, was a source of inspiration in all things and constantly on the go. Beginning running in her honor seemed like such a perfect fit!
To Samantha's surprise, she loved running!! With a professional background in fashion, it only made sense that planning "looks" for any upcoming races became a big part of the preparation process. With the help of her very creative and talented Mum, Samantha was able to always wear running costumes that were beautiful and eye-catching, to the point where people would stop and ask her about getting them for herself! Thus, the idea of Dottie for Running was born…
Being made in America was a huge priority for Samantha from step one, and through a network of female entrepreneurs she was able to source professional quality seamstresses who are now independent business owners. Who better to support with this idea!?
The parts all fell into place, and now we are very proud to offer running skirts and tutus fit for fashionable, fun, and fit princesses.
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